Why Restaurants Need Restaurant-Specific Accounting Tools

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Keeping a good accounting of your restaurant business is necessary to make sure you aren’t throwing money away as well as to be certain you are maximizing your profits. In the restaurant business there is a fine line between being in the black and being in the red. A super busy, popular restaurant can have a lot of cash flow and still be losing money.

One great thing about technology is there are more tools to help run businesses. Like accounting tools. There are more than ever available to help all types of businesses. The problem is there are so many it can be hard to determine which tools are best. You must pick out a few and evaluate which one is right for your business. One thing is certain though, you want to use accounting tools that are restaurant oriented. Here are some reasons why restaurants need restaurant specific accounting tools.


 Restaurants aren’t the only businesses which utilize cash, there are many different types of business which deal with cash. Some businesses are cash only. The way restaurants use cash may be like retail stores, but there are many other critical differences. Some restaurants don’t just accept cash but pay a lot of their vendors with cash as well. Servers receive cash tips. Cash is coming in and going out fast and restaurant specific accounting tools can help you keep track of it and reduce theft. Understanding how a restaurant deals with cash is an important factor for the accounting tools you use.


 One way in which a busy restaurant, with lots of cash flow can lose money, is through lost inventory. Inventory is complicated with restaurants because it can go bad. Food is a unique and complicated item to inventory. A restaurant specific accounting system will understand some inventory sells and some spoils. It will also help you to manage your food inventory, so you lose less of it. Having an accounting tool which understands the nature of your food inventory and is designed not only to keep track of it, but to help you manage it is invaluable.


Probably the biggest factor between running a successful restaurant and an unsuccessful one, is the staff. Restaurants are all about the people. Customers don’t just like good food, but a great environment with great service from people they like. A lot of people will go a restaurant where they like the staff and Owner, over going to restaurant where they like the food better.


The million-dollar question is how do you always hire the best staff and keep enough of them on hand so the service of your restaurant can be top notch? You simply can’t. Overstaffing is what sinks busy restaurants. Understaffing is not good either. Restaurant specific accounting are designed to integrate with your payroll and can help you to make sure you aren’t overstaffing. There are tools today which know how much money comes in on any given night and can compare the projected income with cost of your staff. Little alarm bells go off if they are out of sync.


Having those kinds of projections are helpful, but face it, every Saturday night is not the same. The latest restaurant accounting tools are live. They are keeping track of how your restaurant is doing at this very minute. When they let you know it time to send a couple servers home, its no joke. Information is power and it is amazing the kind power you will have, with live information. We are in an era like none other, when it comes to business decision making.


The accounting tools available today are unbelievable and powerful. A restaurant needs to use accounting tools which are restaurant specific. Some of the challenges of running a restaurant are too unique to generalize. You don’t want to use accounting tools which are so simple they don’t come with all the capability you need to run your restaurant. You also don’t want to use accounting tools which are complicated because they must consider so many different business types and factors that don’t affect restaurants. Which is why restaurants need restaurant specific accounting tools.

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