6 Mobile Apps That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

In the not so distant past, the world was a lot slower and people found restaurants by driving by them. If a restaurant caught someone’s eye or if they drove past it enough times, the odds are they would go in. Once they ate, if there was something they liked about the place, the food, the service, the location, or even the price, they would keep coming back.

Today things are different. People have so many choices. Even if people like everything about your restaurant, how do you cut through the clutter to keep in front of your customers. Today phone apps are ingrained into our culture and there are countless apps to help people find restaurants, but what about apps that help restaurants keep customers? Loyalty program apps reward your customers for their purchases and also track their spending habits and allow you access to direct market them. Here is a look at six mobile apps that will keep your customers coming back.

  1. Fivestars

Fivestars is one of the largest and most proven loyalty program apps. Fivestars is a full service marketing platform as well as a loyalty program. Fivestars integrates text, email and mobile app marketing tools to bring back customers twice as often. Fivestars also goes past retaining customers and uses their powerful platform to direct new customers to your restaurant as well, using practical methods such as allowing your customers to share their offers with their friends and family.

  1. Yotpo

Yotpo is another great multi-purpose marketing platform that specializes in visual marketing and managing reviews as well as a customer loyalty program. While they are a little more broadly into retail rather than specifically restaurant oriented, the Yotpo loyalty program is very fresh and vibrant. It is visually sharp, but also loaded with features that will lead to one of the highest ROI in the industry.

  1. Preferred Patron

Preferred Patron is another highly rated loyalty program app. They offer similar loyalty programs which allow your customers to register to get rewards, with backend marketing based on customer spending habits. It is designed to reached out to customers in a timely manner to encourage them to return.

  1. TapMango

TapMango is a simple but powerful loyalty program app platform. They can provide you with a relatively easy and effective turn-key program on par with larger platforms. They are focused on bringing in new customers as well as getting customers back more often. They offer one of the easiest programs to set up.

  1. Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud has a comprehensive customer loyalty program which delivers full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty functionality. It encourages and engages customers to choose your restaurant over your competitors. They offer the loyalty program as well as direct marketing and other marketing services separately or together in a unified program.

  1. Your Own App

If you have the resources, you can’t beat having your own restaurant app. More and more popular restaurants are coming out with their own apps. The advantage of the programs above are that they are proven, and they are also already connected to people and offer methods for reaching new customers. The advantage of having your own app is it would cater to your customer base specifically and be able to connect with them in a more personal way.

Whether your restaurant has one location or is a huge chain, you are always trying to get your loyal customers to keep coming back. Interacting with your customers through a phone app is excellent way to keep in contact with your customers and with the way technology is headed, it is more and more necessary to cut through the noise of the internet and social media to keep your business in front of your customers.

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