Month: October 2018

7 Things You Can Do To Maximize Staff Attendance

Photo by Crew on Unsplash Staff attendance is important for every business, but for the restaurant industry, it is critical. When staff misses time, it puts pressure on the rest of the team. It compromises quality and customer service and puts pressure on the rest of the staff to make up the difference. Still you must be reasonable.

How To Out Do The Restaurant Next Door

Many restaurants have that one competing restaurant next door, across the street or around the corner, which always seems busy and drives you nuts. Why do people flock there? Is it their food? no, you’ve tried it and its ok, so what is it? Competition is a part of business and it can be the

How To Benefit From Using A Restaurant Recruitment Agency

We truly live in a glorious time. Technology and social marvels make this an amazing time to live, but what makes this the greatest time to live in the history of life on Earth? The food. Never has there been so many truly great places to eat. At all levels of Restaurants, the food is

What You Don’t Say When Interviewing For Your Restaurant

Not many Restaurant Owners or Managers enjoy interviewing people to fill positions in their Restaurants. It is a time consuming process which can be both tedious and frustrating. However, in a service industry, where quality personal are getting harder and harder to find, it is vital. The interview is not just for finding out if