How An Employee Schedule Maker Helps You Find Flexibility In The Work Schedule

Putting together and managing the employees schedule for a restaurant is a daunting task. You spend hours shuffling through your staff’s availability trying to get the perfect balance, just to have the whole thing jumbled and juggled by the employees themselves. Before you know it, you’re starting on the next periods schedule.

Hopefully you aren’t going through this anymore, because technology has caught up and with smart scheduling apps and software out there, things are easier than ever. So get rid of the sticky note wall and clear your desk of spread sheets, we’re going go over how an employee schedule maker helps your find flexibility in the work schedule and the many benefits of this.


Most of the modern schedule makers are work across multiple platforms giving you the flexibility to build your schedule and manage it as well with the greatest flexibility. On your desk top, lap top, tablet or phone, you can create and manage the schedule in real time from anywhere.

Allowing for maximum flexibility you can build your schedule and manage it anywhere and your employees will see it updated in real time. This means as soon as you make a change all of your employees will receive it immediately. Additionally, some of these schedule maker programs are set up to notify you when your employees see the schedule, so there is never the excuse of they didn’t get it or haven’t seen the schedule.

Time and Control

More than flexibility, you can save a lot of time every week creating and managing schedules. Managers using scheduling program and apps say they save lots of time, anywhere from 30 to 80 percent. Schedule maker programs will help you control your labor time. Hitting your labor hour goals will be easier than ever.

You will also have immediate visual access to all of your employee’s availability. No more juggling shifts around availability, it is simpler than ever to build your schedule around the availability of your staff.


The communication capability of these modern schedule making programs provides immense flexibility. Through the app employees can chat, this allows them to easily negotiate switching shifts. Staff members can agree to get shifts and the Manager will receive a notification of the change and can approve or decline the switch.

Employees get the schedule as well as updates instantly through the app or via text and email. Having everything live is one the benefits which allows for flexibility. If anyone has a question or concern about the schedule, they can inquiry instantly and receive real time responses. This isn’t only convenient, but speeds up the process of communication, effectively saving time.

Easy of Set Up

Modern employee schedule making systems are extremely to set up and use. The schedule companies will help you to load and implement the software. They are simple to learn and far easier to use than excel spreadsheets, which are widely used by many restaurant Managers.

Easy set up and seamless integration will have you on your way to saving time, all the while having more flexibility in your schedule. The value is in saving your time and creating an efficient schedule. Helping you have a maximized schedule which will save time and money. The flexibility and ease of communication will also increase your staffs moral and help you to have better staff retention.

This is how an employee schedule maker helps you find flexibility and other benefits in the work schedule. If you are not using a schedule maker program or if your current program is providing the benefits mentioned, then you should look into finding a better schedule maker.

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