How to Improve Restaurant Management Communication

How to Improve Restaurant Management Communication


Communication is an issue in any workplace. In fact, studies show that 73% of companies have not figured out how to effectively measure employee communications.

Your management staff should feel confident that they’re up to date when they’re working hard to run your restaurant. When your managers know exactly what’s going on around them, it will be much easier to keep your restaurant running accordingly. Today, we’re discussing a few ways to work towards better management communication.

Schedule Regular Management Check-Ins

Whether it’s a short monthly meeting or a management staff meal that enables you to use the ingredients in the kitchen that need to go, you should schedule a mandatory management meeting that works for everyone’s schedule and enables everyone to talk openly about your restaurant’s efficiency.

Management check-ins not only allow your management to talk amongst each other in a personal setting, but it allows them to speak to you about any concerns they may have or improvements they can suggest. You should also take this time to coach your team on effective communication and work with them to make your business run smoother.

Additionally, try to make yourself available for short meetings with individual managers. Some of your management staff may not be comfortable airing their concerns or asking questions in an open setting.

Utilize Technology to Enhance Communication

There’s plenty of technology out there that help to enhance communication. When the appropriate communication among staff is open for all to see,

For example, Slack is an application that provides a professional yet fun platform that makes communications easy among staff members and management. Alternatively, establishing a simple group chat over text message or Facebook enables your managers to come together in one place and get all of the information they need at any time they need it.

Encourage your Managers to Make Notes

Restaurant staff have found that keeping a track record of management staff notes improves efficiency and keeps everyone on the same page.

First, create a management log book, a collaborative Google Doc, or even just keep a notepad accessible to the managers. Secondly, get your management staff into the habit of taking down notes from their shift. Encourage them to take down any information that will help managers coming in later that day or even later that week.

Any observations your managers take down in a log book regarding your team’s efficiency, issues that arise, or even just ideas for restaurant optimization can serve as a discussion topic at your next check-in or even a goal for the future.

Make Answers Accessible to Your Management

Your managers should all be able to adapt quickly to any situation that arises when they’re on the job. When a question comes up that they’re unable to answer on the spot, they should be able to get that answer quickly.

Work with your management to create a book of questions that come up frequently (or infrequently). The book should not only include the questions, but should supply answers. This information should remain handy and accessible to your management to ensure that your employees have all the information they need to give your customers the most efficient service.

When you finish fleshing out your book, don’t stop there. Keep the document alive and as new questions and situations arise, add them to your collection. Encourage your management to suggest additions, as well.

Encourage Feedback and Remain Consistent

Being available for questions, consistently reaching out to your team, and asking for input will allow for your management to feel comfortable communicating important issues, concerns, and praises. While you must be responsible and effective as a restaurant owner, you must also be able to lend an empathetic ear and work with your staff to make your business better for all.

Additionally, encouraging your managers to submit feedback through an anonymous platform such as Culture Amp, Impraise, or even Google Forms (just to name a few) can be a huge help. Anonymity allows your managers to anonymously and privately raise issues they may not be comfortable bringing up in person or over email.

Effective communication is pivotal in any business, but is especially so in the fast-paced environment of your restaurant. When staff is able to come together and collaborate to solve problems, your business feels the impact. Communication not only enables effective teamwork, but ensures that your restaurant is running in a consistent, efficient manner to provide the best service.

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