Why Restaurants Need Restaurant-Specific Accounting Tools

Keeping a good accounting of your restaurant business is necessary to make sure you aren’t throwing money away as well as to be certain you are maximizing your profits. In the restaurant business there is a fine line between being in the black and being in the red. A super busy, popular restaurant can have

6 Things Customers Wish Restaurants Would Change

Have you ever heard the saying “The restaurant business would be great, if it weren’t for the customers”? This is the sarcastic battle cry of those who are having a rough day. The reality is the restaurant business is a people business and there is no point without the customers. Customers are not always great

6 Tips for Better Preparing Your Restaurant for Tax Season

If you own or operate a restaurant, there are many factors which may have motivated you to get into the restaurant business. Dealing with taxes is probably not one of them. Taxes are a necessary part of business and have been for eons. The bottom line is taxes are an unavoidable part of operating a

Tax Deductions Restaurants Should Watch For

Most restaurants are small businesses. Approximately 70 percent have a single location and 9 out of 10 have less than 50 employees according to the National Restaurant Association. For small businesses like restaurants every cent makes a difference. When tax time comes, it can put a lot of pressure on restaurants. That’s why it is

How Software Mistakes Can Cost Your Restaurant

The restaurant business is tough, and you can use all the help you can get. Technology is supposed to provide that help. Technology is supposed to be Prince Charming swooping in to scoop us up and lead us to “happy ever after”. It doesn’t always end that way. Technology is a dual edged sword. When

5 Restaurant Accounting Mistakes that are Costing You Money

If you Own or Manage a Restaurant, then you have a lot of priorities. You have to oversee, staffing, supplies, customer service, and oh yeah, the food. With everything going on it can be easy to make accounting mistakes. Accounting mistakes can cost you money, so let’s take a look at five restaurant accounting mistakes

What to Look For in a Restaurant Bookkeeper

In the high-flying world of business, there are a lot of exciting and interesting jobs to do and none of them are bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is necessary though. Bookkeepers are the scorekeepers. If you are aren’t keeping score, then you don’t really know if you’re winning or losing. What can be just as bad or worse

6 Mobile Apps That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

In the not so distant past, the world was a lot slower and people found restaurants by driving by them. If a restaurant caught someone’s eye or if they drove past it enough times, the odds are they would go in. Once they ate, if there was something they liked about the place, the food,